Temps Update

Hove Gardens

All original site temps has now been installed and for Block B , (smaller block) the mast climbers have now mostly been removed. We recently installed our own hired 200 KVA generator and are currently waiting for the permanent live connection to be made to the building. This is currently scheduled for mid-March. Once this is live we shall be swapping over to the mains and the generator will be removed.

We currently have a full time engineer (Liam Torbett) on site and his duties are mainly removing and relocating light fittings , working with the ceiling fitters to ensure temporary lights are removed from completed ceiling voids. The project is expected to be complete by August 2023.C

Chatfield Road, Battersea

This project is now drawing to a close, with most visits now removing temporary equipment. The mains power is now on, so permanent lighting systems are being energised. Most mast climbers and the crane have now been removed from the site.

We recently carried out a major welfare relocation( M&E ) We undertook this over one weekend to save site down time. It was a great effort by all involved to ensure that welfare facilities and sub contractors offices were ready for use on the Monday morning.

The project is due to complete early April 2023 but we are now assisting in planning minor post contract M& E installations to apartments and disabled facilities.

Cottis Lane

As of writing, the new car park is slightly delayed whilst we are waiting for the remaining steel frame to be erected enabling the site transformers and lighting to be installed. Cabins, welfare and general site safety lighting has been completed, along with our own hired super low emission and noise level generator.

The project is due to complete in July 2023 and we shall be busy on site in late March into early April.S

Suregard, Chadwell Heath

We have not had much activity on site while the lift shaft and steel frames have been constructed. We are scheduled (in around 2 weeks time) to start installing the transformers and lighting. The project due to be completed late August 2023.

Suregard Chiswick

We are currently waiting for the steel frame to be completed before we can install transformers and lights. Due to limited space and site constraints we are relocating the site cabins and welfare to an adjacent piece of land that has now been rented by our client. This takes place in early March and it is envisaged the remaining temporary work will commence in early April. This project is due to be completed by September 2023.

Storage Centre Tottenham

As of writing, we have only diverted some water supplies while the existing building is being demolished. The site cabins are due to land in around 5 weeks time (late March). We have not yet priced for these works but we do expect be appointed. Once underway, as an estimate, the project will go on until early 2024.