Blue Chip



  •  Strip out
  •  Boiler change
  •  Heating
  •  Energy saving

The Project

This boiler replacement scheme was put together to increase the reliability and efficiency of the existing 3 x120 kw boilers as they were experiencing failures due to the age of the existing system (around 25 years old) .

AES  looked at various options for the boiler replacements and it was decided that as they had recently had Viessman boilers installed at another property it would be prudent to install them at their Reigate site.

The project involved the complete strip out of the existing boilers and old primary pipework header as well as the boiler primary pumps, existing flue dilution system and main gas valve.

AES replaced these with the 3 x Viessman 120 kw frame mounted cascade controlled boilers with a new low loss header, with built in inverter controlled boiler shunt pumps and a new main gas valve .

This project should save the client at least 15% on their energy costs assuming similar operational conditions as they had previously.

Boiler Change - Reigate

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