Temps Update

In 2023, AES Temps experienced significant success with the acquisition of new contracts and the successful completion of both ongoing and new projects.

One notable achievement includes the successful conclusion of our large contract at Hove, which spanned 30 months. The building has been handed over, leaving only welfare and office facilities on site for snagging purposes. This project stands as one of the largest undertaken by AES Temps, and our team takes great pride in their accomplishments.

Additionally, the Battersea project reached completion in the autumn after over two years on site.

The Cottis Lane car park project was also successfully handed over in October. Throughout its 16-month duration, the project relied on two generators due to issues with the incoming mains electric.

Further works have been secured at Watford for the same client, with regular visits to the site ongoing.

A new contract in Stratford represents another milestone for AES Temps, involving a project reaching 37 floors high. Scheduled for completion towards the end of 2026, this project promises a long-term commitment and one of the highest-reaching projects in AES history.

Continuing our expansion, another storage center project in Tottenham is progressing well, targeting completion by March/April 2024. Similarly, a storage center project in Chadwell Heath has been completed, with the Chiswick project set for completion by the end of the year or early January 2024.

Through referrals from existing clients, AES Temps secured a new project in Cricklewood, West London, involving the installation of supplies to cabins and welfare areas.

Looking ahead, AES Temps has three projects slated to begin in the new year, reflecting a positive outlook for 2024. In anticipation of this workload, new labor has already been onboarded to ensure preparedness for upcoming projects.