Large Home Furnishing Retailer



  •  AHU replacement
  •  Efficiency
  •  Clean air
  •  Health & Safety

The Project

This project involved the installation of a new air handling unit on the roof of a major retailer in Kent, South East England.

Air handling units ensure good quality air in buildings by regulating and circulating air as part of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system.

High quality air is of paramount important to any business in the retail sector as it ensures employees and customers to remain safe and healthy. AHUs should be installed in all medium to large industrial, retail and commercial buildings to ensure energy efficiency and health and safety measures are met.

AHU systems are usually installed either in basement areas or on flat roofs of larger buildings. As you will see with the photographs, on this occasion we utilised the roof space on the building whilst ensuring easy access for maintenance purposes.

AHU Installation - Kent

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