• Lighting
  • Power
  • Emergency  lighting
  • Hot &  Cold water Supply
  • HVAC

The Project

Mechanical Installation

A gas fired low pressure hot water heating installation will be provided to serve first floor office areas, toilets, main stairs, lobbies and circulation areas.

The gas fired combination boiler will provide hot water to the toilet areas with a mains cold water system provided to supply sanitary fittings. A mechanical extract ventilation system shall be provided to the toilet accommodation and heat recovery air handling units located within the ceiling voids

Electrical Installation

Office area lighting and power to provide 400 lux by recessed fluorescent luminaries suitable to provide a lighting design capable of achieving compliance withCIBSE LG7. Lighting control with PIR auto/on/off with photo-electric switching in the offices. PIR auto/on/off switching in WC areas with manual switching in circulation areas.

Emergency lighting systems shall be provided to the offices, toilets and circulation areas and to warehouse escape doors compatible with the requirements of BS 5266.

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Dover Retail Park

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